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Transport Yourself to OCOA: Just press play.

Transport Yourself to OCOA: Just press play.

Our "Living the Ocoa Life" playlist is here to transport you to the heart of the Dominican Republic, no matter where you are. Much like the way a warm breeze and the scent of beautiful flowers can instantly transport you to a far-off destination, the right music has that same magical power. It can whisk you away to a place where vibrant culture and rhythmic beats rule the day.

We curated this vibrant playlist deeply connected to the Caribbean and also took inspirations from artists that remind us of our inner child and take us on a journey to our roots. Dive into the rich culture, the passionate rhythms, and the soulful melodies that define nuestra tierra and beyond. Listen to it on wash day, your daily commute, working out or anytime during your day.

Discover the vibrant sounds that connect us to the heart of the Dominican Republic and Latin America by listening to our playlist.


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