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  • Our Curl Journey

    To love our hair and ourselves as we were #borntobe


Early 90’s

New Country

Summer of 2003

Fried Our Curls

Early 00's and 10's

Awaken Moment


Extreme Preeclampsia

November 2016

The Transition Journey Begins

In 2017

Trial And Error

2017- 2018

Making Our Own Products

Fall of 2018

Testing And Research

During 2019

Many Bumps On The Road

During 2020

Start Before You Are Ready

March 1st 2021

Embrace Who You Are #Borntobe

December 2021

The Re-Introduction

March 1st 2023

Join Our Sisterhood


Born in Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. Latinas, Immigrants and sisters.

We moved to the USA in 2003, not knowing the language but with a heart filled with hope for the future.

During HS and College we used to straighten our hair with a flat iron at 450 degrees. We hated our natural texture.

Nicol, La hermana menor, decided to move out of the family home (For Latinos a big deal) and has a moment where she realized her curls were gone.

At 33 weeks pregnant, Cory had to deliver her first premature baby due to extreme preeclampsia and hormonal issues.

Together as sisters, we started the journey to healthier hair and curls. We were each other's support system.

Trial and Error 2017 and 2018 Cory and Nicol

Some curly products worked well but the ingredients were not the best, others were heavy and greasy.  We knew we were set to finding the solution.

Cory enrolls in a natural formulations course, earns a diploma and starts making products at home.

2019 was testing time. We discovered which ingredients we were allergic to and which we didn't want to add to our formulas We created our Nada list- Learn more here.

2020 was our original launch year, we designed a collection of five products, but a fire at the prior manufacturing facility and a global pandemic stopped all of our plans.

In 2021, we launched with one product, our curl cream (Same formula today). We had a different name and packaging. 

We embarked on a 15 month rebrand journey. We knew we had amazing products but our branding was not a reflection of who we are.

OCOA was born with a full collection of products. Our 4 step kit. We have shipped as far as Alaska, Guam and the Netherlands and are humbled with our growing community and support.

We are thrilled to continue helping hermanas embrace who they are #borntobe. We can't wait to introduce more innovation and to grow with you. Follow our journey! Abrazos, Cory and Nicol