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Ocoa 4 Step SAMPLES
Briana Kernisan (NJ)

This hair products are a game - changer !! Highly recommended for anyone looking for healthier hair 🧡 gracias Hermanasss!!! 🤍🤍

Ocoa 4 Step SAMPLES
Dasmerilys Herrera (NJ)
Ocoa 4 Step SAMPLES!! I loved them so much!

Gracias Hermanas, Cory & Nicol, for creating organic products straight from our island. Me llena de orgullo y felicidad ver mujeres dominicanas enprendedoras. Also, I am so happy and proud of the results. My hair has never felt so hydrated before and I love how OCOA products are so hydrating and defining. Thank you so much for the collaboration. I can't wait for other opportunities that will come my way.

Best Regards
Dasmerilys Herrera

Curl Care Shampoo
Nadia Irene (NY)
Light and effective shampoo

I bought the sample pack before purchasing the full bottle. After using that, I instantly knew I'd buy the full bottle. It was especially good because I was having scalp issues at the time and was worried the shampoo I was using before was too strong for my scalp. So when I used OCOA's shampoo I was so happy the fragrance so light and fresh and the shampoo itself is very lightly clarifying but still effective. I do notice I have to use a bit more product to get a full clean. That's not a complaint, just a note. I figured because there's less harsh chemicals, it takes a little more product to get the clean I'm used to - which is actually good because I was looking for a healthier alternative! And my scalp does feel better from using this product. Also I was really excited to try this because I'm Dominican so finding a great Dominican hair care brand for my curls has been my dream for forever!!

Only thing I'd hope to see in the future is maybe a larger size bottle since I do use a good chuck of current bottle for every wash. But then again, maybe in time my scalp will wean off of needing more product as it gets used to this healthier shampoo <3

Curl Defining Styling Gel
Doreen VanCooten (NY)
No Crunch Gel

This gel is highly recommended. I shared this product with two other curly hair colleagues and told them they will not regret using it. Your hair feel soft not crunchy but it hold your curl so smoothly. Love it.

Love this curl cream! I've tried similar products from basically every haircare brand at Target, Ulta, and Sephora, but none shape and hydrate my curls like this right here! I use this with Ocoa's curl gel too to maximize hold and softness for my curls. For me, a little goes a long way, so the price is just right too. Will always recommend and repurchase!

Light weight

The ingredients are clean and it reminds me of a botanical type of gel. Usually those give me that flash dry feeling but this did not. It was moisturizing and very light. It significantly helped with frizz. Paired with the curl cream, it works great. HOWEVER - if you are a strong hold person, this isn't for you. I had to use hair spray because the hold is light but I also used it to refresh and because it is light weight it was perfect for that and to put in my hands when separating the curls. I will continue to use for even slick backs because it doesn't leave a cast but leaves the hair in place. I had it in my hair all week with no flaking both in the hair and on my scalp. Clean and amazing products - to add my hair feels AMAZING after using the whole line. Any curly has to try this, worth the money.

Hydrating Curl Cream
Linette (FL)

I search high and low for clean products. No companies making claims but legit clean ingredients. This company is on it. Aside from clean ingredients, it's amazing to find a curl product with no coconut anything. There is protein but it's balanced with moisture. My hair curled instantly up with this, and was moisturized the whole week. I live in FL so the humidity and heat can make your hair feel dirty a couple of days after wash day due to the products. Curlies get it, it just feels like their is product in it. Not with this. Not only did my hair stay light and moisturized, but it felt CLEAN. Plus due to the lack of smell of the product itself, my hair kept a very neutral smell. It was the best experience I've had with a curl cream in a very long time. It's expensive but honestly worth it. I didn't even need a leave in. If you like protein, light weight products and non scented - please try it. Way worth the money.


The second I put this in my hair, it started to curl up. It is thick, so I used water to distribute. It doesn't say how long to leave it in so I used it as a mask for 20 mins with a cap. WOW. My hair loves this conditioner. It is moisturizing and as I mentioned, hair curled instantly even wet which is rare. No scent at all which I love and no negative side effects skin wise. This product legit has clean ingredients, and is well worth the coins. Buying again

Curl Care Shampoo
Linette (FL)
Clean hair clean ingredients

I'm very cautious of products in general and was excited when I found this line. A lot of companies say they are clean until you read the ingredients. The ingredients in this, is legit. I have scalp issues and my skin is sensitive in general. I had zero issues with this shampoo. On my hands, scalp and skin. My hair felt clean, but not stripped. It's not hydrating but that's what the conditioner is for. Sincerely, works great. Clean canvas for your hair products, will totally by again.

Curl Care Conditioner
Deb Bellman (OH)

The conditioner is great and that in combination with the curl cream and styling gel are a perfect combination. It gives me lasting curls that are soft and touchable.

Ocoa 4 Step SAMPLES
Rebecca Freehauf (IL)
Some great products!

I really enjoy the condtioner and curl cream. I wish the gel had a slightly harder hold, but it was good. Not overly impressed with the shampoo.

Hola Rebecca,

Thank you for your feedback! We're delighted to hear that you're enjoying the conditioner and curl cream. However, we're sorry to learn that the gel and shampoo didn't meet your expectations. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and value your input. Thank you for choosing Ocoa and we hope to have the opportunity to provide you with a better experience in the future.

The Ocoa Team

Curl Care Conditioner
Taleytha (VA)
Very moisturizing!

The conditioner is great, my curls and my son’s curls have been thirsty lately, and this conditioner has been very helpful!

The only wonky thing is the smell of the conditioner

Hola Taleytha,

We are happy to hear that it has been moisturizing and effective for both you and your son's curls! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the scent of the conditioner. We will take this feedback into consideration. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope it continues to meet your hair care needs.

The Ocoa Team

Ocoa 4 Step Kit
Deb Bellman (IN)
Products are great!

The products are great but the packaging could be better. I’m 63 and don’t have the strength in my hands like I used to and the bottles are so hard to squeeze to get product out.

Hola Debra,

Thank you for your feedback! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the products. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the packaging. We will definitely take your feedback into consideration and hope to continue providing you with great products.

The Ocoa Team

Great gel

I have 3C texture, this gel is very good I do pair it with a mousse and gives me good results. Leaves a little cast but I do like it bc it makes the style last longer.

Great products!

I was pleasantly surprised by how well my hair, and my son’s hair did with these products. The shampoo doesn’t lather as well as I am used to to, Burt maybe that’s the point?
Smells good, and leaves hair feeling moisturized!

Ocoa 4 Step SAMPLES
Julie Davidson (WA)
4-Step Samples were an awesome addition to our community event!

Gracias, Cory & Nicol, for providing an in-kind donation of 4-step samples to the Caribbean Queens Festival held in Tacoma, WA. I myself am an OCOA convert and was so pleased to be able to share your wonderful products with members of my community. All of the samples got snatched up quickly by a very diverse crowd of naturally curly, wavy, coily, and textured hair gente. We appreciate your commitment to comunidad and look forward to seeing your presence grow here in the Pacific Northwest.

Hola Julie,

It brings us joy to know that our products were able to reach such a diverse and curly-haired community! We are committed to supporting and growing in this beautiful region and are grateful for your support. Thank you for choosing Ocoa and for sharing our products with your community.

The Ocoa Team


This curl cream is light weight, buildable, perfect for daily use or special hairstyles. Paired with the gel it becomes the perfect duo for a long term hold for those curls!

Hola Piper,

We are so happy to hear that you are loving our products! We totally agree that when paired with the gel, it becomes the ultimate duo for long-lasting curls. We appreciate your support and hope we can continue to provide you with amazing hair care.

The Ocoa Team

Ocoa 4 Step SAMPLES
Estancia (CA)
Love it!

The hair cream is really thick. I love that personally. Overall great product. Gives the definition i need and the softness as well! New fave hair product!

Hola Estancia,

We're thrilled that the hair cream is working well for you and providing the definition and softness you need. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to providing you with more great products in the future!

The Ocoa Team

Love my Ocoa Gel!! It's light but has fantastic slip. It adds bounce and hold to curls. Love it!!💖

Ocoa 4 Step SAMPLES
Caroline O (VT)
Amazing products

These products are amazing and left my curls hydrated and full of volume. I recommend them to anyone who wants to add moisture and shine to their hair.

Hola Caroline,

Thank you for sharing your experience! We are happy to hear that our products were able to provide hydration and volume to your curls. Your recommendation means a lot to us. We hope to continue exceeding your expectations.

The Ocoa Team

Loved it

I love the styling gel it makes my curls look so much more defined and makes my hair feel great

Thank you Ladies💜

Hola Karen,

We are so happy to hear that you loved our Curl Defining Styling Gel! We are thrilled to know that it helped define your curls and made your hair feel amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for being a part of our community.

The Ocoa Team

Curl Defining Styling Gel
Krisber Castro (NY)
My favorite by far

I've been trying a few brands for awhile, I wanted a product that was clean, didn't dry my hair and have me nice curls. And now both of my daughter's are using it. And one love the gel.
We are happy curly hair girls.

Hola Krisber,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We strive to create clean and effective products for our curly-haired community, so we're thrilled to hear that our products have become a favorite for you and your daughters. We're so happy to have you as part of our curly hair family. Keep rocking those gorgeous curls!

The Ocoa Team

I love how soft and defined it makes my curls

I love how soft and defined it makes my curls

I love how soft and defined it makes my curls