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3 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles for Spring Weddings

3 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles for Spring Weddings

Hola hermanas, as wedding season approaches, it's the perfect moment to explore wedding hairstyles. Whether you're a bride-to-be, bridesmaid, or a guest looking for that perfect wedding-inspired look, this blog is your ultimate guide to gorgeous wedding hairstyles.

The wedding hairstyles featured below holds a special and personal touch as they are from Nicol’s, la hermana menor, wedding.​​ When la hermana menor started planning her wedding, she knew she wanted to wear her hair curly. While it was at the beginning of her curl journey, and she was still learning to love her natural hair, she wanted to celebrate this special occasion exactly how she was born to be. 

Here are three wedding hairstyles inspired by las hermanas OCOA: 

Pulled-back Bridal Updo: Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently gather all your curls at the back of your head, creating a loose ponytail. Take sections of the ponytail and bobby pin them to form a bun. This technique adds texture and dimension to your updo, showcasing your curls beautifully. The pulled-back bridal updo is perfect for keeping your curls swept away from your face, allowing you to dance the night away with confidence.

 (Bride: La hermana menor, Nicol, at her wedding in 2019)

Maid of Honor Side Updo: Start by parting your hair on one side to create a deep side part. Next, gather your curls into a low inwards bun, ensuring that the bun is placed slightly towards the side. Use bobby pins to hold the bun in place. Leave a few loose curls around your face to frame it delicately, adding a soft touch.

(Maid of honor: La hermana mayor, Cory)

Bridesmaid Braided Half-Up Half-Down: Gather all the hair away from the face, braid a soft braid, and tie the braid with a small elastic.This initial braid serves as the anchor for the hairstyle. Next, take a small section of hair near the front on one side and begin braiding it horizontally across the head, securing the end with a bobby pin. Repeat the process on the other side, creating a second horizontal braid parallel to the first one. This hair arrangement creates the illusion that a hair tie is holding the hair, although it remains down and flowing freely.

(Bridesmaid: La hermana mas menor, Jormary)

As we welcome the wedding season, embrace the beauty of your natural curls with these elegant curly hairstyles. You'll look radiant and also feel confident in your natural curls as you celebrate love, joy, and the beauty of who you are #BornToBe.

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