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Top 3 Festival Inspired Curly Hairstyles

Top 3 Festival Inspired Curly Hairstyles

Hola hermanas! Are you ready to enjoy your curls this festival season? In today's blog, we have gathered festival-ready looks that will elevate your curls to a new level. These don't have to be just for festivals, think of this as your go-to-guide for fun concerts, picnics and other outdoor activities this spring. 

Let's explore three easy curly hairstyles for festival season.

Side Braid: If you're new to hairstyles this is an easy one to use as practice. Start by parting your hair to one side. Next, French braid the side of your hair. Once the side of your hair is braided, incorporate stylish accessories such as small clips, floral pins, or beaded strands to add a festival touch. This one is perfect for long or short curls. 

(image via Pinterest)

Low Ponytails with Bubble Braids: Part your hair down the middle, dividing it into two equal sections. Gather each section into low ponytails. Secure each ponytail with a hair tie, leaving out some face-framing pieces. Then, take small sections of hair from the ponytail and create bubble braids by placing clear or colorful elastic bands along the length of each section. Gently tug on the sides of the bubble braids to give them volume. This playful style (Can be a really cute hairstyle for little hermanas too) is great for any outdoor activity. Pro tip: use our Curl Defining Styling Gel to give your curls extra shine and hold for this hairstyle.

(image via Pinterest)

Voluminous Half-up, Half-down: Begin by leaving your hair down and creating a middle part. Then, gather a small section of hair from the middle of your head and secure it with three hair ties stacked close together. Fluff up the remaining curls around the tied section to create a voluminous look. This technique adds dimension and fullness to your curls. Pro tip: accessorize your look with fun clips or beads. 

(image via Pinterest)

These simple festival hairstyles will let your personality shine through with the unique beauty of your curls. Whether you choose the low ponytails with bubble braids, the side braid with stylish accessories, or the voluminous half-up half-down, you'll surely captivate the festival scene confidently.

So go ahead, hermana, dance and sing like nobody's watching, and have fun embracing who you are born to be.

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    Thank you for these great tips! Sometimes we forget the versatility we can style our curls :-).

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