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Curl Defining Styling Gel

5 Reasons to Use A Styling Gel for Curly Hair

Hey hermana, we've been on the road a lot this month so we’re back on the blog to answer one of the top questions we’ve received at our in-person events. Why should I use a gel to style my curls?  We get it, gels have a long history of being drying, sticky and crunchy and today we are sharing the...
3 Brush Styling Tips for Gorgeous Curl Definition

3 Brush Styling Tips for Gorgeous Curl Definition

Hey hermana, are you struggling to achieve more definition for your curly hair? Today, we are exploring brush styling– a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your curls' natural beauty.  Here are three tips to help you master brush styling for curl definition: Use the Right Brush: Choosing t...