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The Power of Marula Oil for Your Curly Haircare Routine

The Power of Marula Oil for Your Curly Haircare Routine

Hermanas, today we are highlighting, Marula oil, one of the key ingredients found in our styling products. Did you know we co-developed our formulas with a group of all women chemists right here in the U.S.? Cory, La hermana mayor, learned how to formulate hair care products in 2018. Since day one, we knew we wanted to use nourishing and powerful ingredients to redefine how curly hair care products are made. 

What is Marula Oil?

Marula oil is derived from the nuts of the Marula tree, which is native to Southern Africa. The oil has been a beauty secret of the indigenous people in the region for centuries and is now gaining global recognition. This ingredient is usually found in high end skin care, and we are one of a few brands using it in curly hair care.

In this blog, we'll explore the wonderful benefits of Marula oil for your hair and discover how it's utilized in our Hydrating Curl Cream and Defining Styling Gel.

Here are five main benefits of incorporating Marula oil into your hair care routine:

1. Intense hydration:

Marula oil is rich in essential fatty acids, particularly oleic acid, which penetrates the hair shaft and locks in moisture. This deep hydration helps in managing dry and frizzy hair, leaving it soft and manageable. This is why everyone loves how hydrating both our Curl Cream and Styling Gel are.

2. Antioxidant powerhouse:

One of Marula oil's remarkable qualities is its high antioxidant content. It contains 60% more antioxidants than Argan oil, making it a potent shield against environmental damage, free radicals, and UV rays, which can weaken hair and cause frizz. (Did you know our Hydrating Curl Cream has heat protection?) Marula oil aids with extra protection when you decide to go for your occasional blowout.

3. Hair strength and elasticity:

The combination of vitamins and minerals in Marula oil, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and amino acids, can fortify your hair, enhance its elasticity, and reduce breakage. This is especially important for those with chemically treated or naturally brittle hair.

4. Taming frizz and flyaways:

Marula oil is an excellent frizz-fighting agent. It helps to smooth down the hair's cuticles and prevent moisture loss, leading to sleek, shiny, and frizz-free curls and waves. Our Styling Gel gets a lot of its shine power from Marula oil.

5. Scalp health:

A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair. Marula oil can help soothe and nourish the scalp, reducing dandruff and itchiness. Our motto is skin care as scalp care. 

Marula oil is a hair care superstar with high antioxidant content and impressive hydrating properties. Now you can easily experience the benefits of Marula oil in your daily hair care routine with our Styling Gel and Hydrating Curl Cream.

Say adios to frizz and hello to healthy, shiny curls, thanks to the power of Marula oil.

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