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Top 7 tips for styling fine curly hair by Ariel

Top 7 tips for styling fine curly hair by Ariel

In our next guest blog, Ariel @the.curly.mermaid, shares her tips to style fine curls for the best results. Thank you for sharing your fine curly hair expertise with us Ariel.

Ariel is a content creator known for sharing the best curly hair tips for fine curly hair. She loves the ocean, summertime fun and sharing reviews to help curly women love their curls.

By Ariel @the.curly.mermaid

Hey curl friend! I'm @the.curly.mermaid and I have fine curly hair. Sometimes it can be hard to style and achieve the results you're hoping for. Fine curls are easily weighed down so it's important to choose the right styling products and methods.

These are my top tips that work for my fine curls:

1. Clarify on a regular basis to avoid build up weighing down your hair.

2. Style on wet or damp hair. Dripping wet may weigh down your curls. Experiment with this technique.

3. Avoid heavy creams & butters. If you want to try them, use in place of a leave-in and use small amounts.

4. Styling upside-down or brush styling with methods that direct your hair up & off your scalp really helps with volume!

Ariel brush styling upwards

5. Limit the number of styling products to 1 or 2 to avoid weighed down, heavy feeling curls. I love Ocoa Beauty products so much! They work great without weighing down my fine curls. Plus, they smell tropical, which I love!

6. Separate your curls before drying, with a comb, or gently with your fingers after drying, helps with volume as well!

Ariel separating curls

7. Diffusing can help you avoid weighed down curls as well since your hair dries faster than air-drying. 

Ariel diffusing curls

I hope these tips on styling your fine curly hair help! If you give any a try, please let me know.

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    “Explaining my hair has been a disclosure! Your post accentuates its significance, and the item suggestions make it simple. My hair feels lighter, better, and more dynamic. Much obliged to you!”

  • Publicado por Ariel en

    Thank you so much for featuring me Ocoa Beauty! I loved the opportunity to share my tips for fine curly hair, and possibly reach new curl friends in a different way!

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