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4 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles for Summer

4 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles for Summer

Hey hermanas! The summer season is here and it's time to embrace the sun, fun, and all the outdoor adventures that come with it. Whether you're hitting the pool, relaxing at the beach, enjoying a picnic, or just soaking up the summer vibes. If you're looking for easy and stylish hairstyles for your gorgeous curls, we've got you.

Here are four curly hairstyles we love for any summer activity.

1. Pineapple Bun: The pineapple bun is a go-to summer hairstyle that keeps your curls off your neck and prevents frizz. Gather all your curls at the top of your head and secure them with a hair tie, letting the ends fall down freely. This high bun not only looks cute but also keeps your hair out of your face while you enjoy the beach or pool. For an added touch, wrap a colorful scarf around the base of the bun.

Summer hairstyle - Curly pineapple bun

Source: Image via Pinterest

2.Easy Curly Ponytail: A curly ponytail is perfect for a day of outdoor fun. Gather your curls into a mid-height ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Pull a few curls out around your face for a relaxed, effortless look. This style is great for keeping cool while looking chic, whether you're having a picnic in the park or exploring a summer festival.

Summer hairstyle - Curly ponytail
Source: Image via Pinterest

3.Twisted Half-Updo: For a look that’s both elegant and easy, try a twisted half-updo. Take two sections of hair from the front, twist them back, and secure them with bobby pins at the back of your head. Leave the rest of your curls loose and flowing. This hairstyle is perfect for a summer garden party or a casual evening out, giving you a polished look while keeping your hair out of your face.

Summer hairstyle - Twisted half updo
Source: Image via Pinterest

4.Curly Braided Crown: The curly braided crown is a beautiful and practical choice for summer. Part your hair down the middle and create two braids on each side of your head, starting near your temples. Braid all the way down and secure with small hair ties. Then, take each braid and wrap it over the top of your head, securing them with bobby pins to create a crown effect. We love this easy tutorial from our friends at Day Rate Beauty. This style is perfect for beach days, as it keeps your hair secure and tangle-free with a super chic look.

Summer hairstyle - Curly braided crown
Source: Image via Pinterest

With these four easy and stylish curly hairstyles, you’ll be ready to take on all your summer activities with confidence. So, go ahead and enjoy the sun, sand, and all the outdoor fun, embracing who you are born to be. 

Happy Summer, hermanas!

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