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3 Curly hairstylists tips you should know

3 Curly hairstylists tips you should know

Teresa Badolato is a curly hair stylist and the owner of Curl Hair and Wellness, a texture-focused salon that has been servicing the greater Main Line Philadelphia area since 2016. We have known Teresa Badolato since 2017, which was the beginning of our curl journey to embrace our naturally curly hair. She has been our hair stylist since then and has also been a supporter of our small business since our launch in 2021.Teresa was the first curly hair salon owner to carry our products and we are forever grateful. 

In our latest blog, Teresa, returns to share her top three hair care tips for curly hair. 

By Teresa Badolato

Here are three of my key tips to keep your curls looking great! 

  1. Clarify and deep condition: If you are doing a once or twice-a-week wash cycle, are using multiple styling products on wash day and also to refresh in between washes, then you definitely want to clarify and deep condition, on a monthly basis. It will be a game -changer for volume, hydration and shine! 
  1. Style on wet hair: Make sure you leave enough water in your hair after you rinse out your conditioner AND while applying your leave-in products. More water results in bigger curl clumps and super defined curls!
  1. Avoid air drying: Air drying is not better for hair than diffusing on low heat. Air drying does more damage than good. The cortex of your hair can swell and break the longer your hair is wet. Since your curls will be holding excessive moisture for hours or even days, this can lead to more pressure and damage. It can also lead to dandruff and because it affects the protein molecule, it can affect porosity! So many reasons to not do it! 

Thank you for sharing your expertise with our familia, Teresa. What other topics do you want to hear from us. Leave us a comment for our next guest blog.

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  • Posted by Cynthia on

    Hello! My question is regarding air drying. Is it ok if I use an air-drying gel? When I use it I notice that my hair looks good, and the curl clumps are there in their finest form, without affecting volume or creating necessarily a cast or a very strong hold, so I want to keep using it but I don’t want to damage my hair. For more context, I usually do it after deep conditioning tho, but not always, and do it twice a month approximately when I’m in a hurry or just lazy. The airdrying gel I use is from the brand Monat.

    Thank you!

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