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Top 3 Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Curls

Top 3 Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Curls

Hermanas, as the winter sets in, it's time to show our curls some extra love and care. The colder months can be a bit harsh on our hair, but with a few simple tips, you can keep your curls looking gorgeous all season long. 

Let's dive into three must-know hair care tips for winter-ready, healthy hair.

1. Hydration is Key: Winter air tends to be drier, and indoor heating systems can further zap the moisture from our curls. To combat this, make hydration your hair's best friend. Deep conditioning becomes even more crucial during the winter months. Treat your curls to a weekly deep conditioning session to replenish lost moisture and keep them soft and hydrated.

Consider using a moisture-rich conditioner, like our Curl Care Conditioner with ingredients like mango butter, argan oil and avocado oil. These hydrating heroes will help lock in moisture, preventing your curls from becoming dry and brittle. Additionally, don't forget to stay hydrated from the inside out by drinking plenty of water – your curls will thank you!

2. Protective Styling: Winter winds and cold temperatures can lead to breakage and damage, especially if your curls are exposed to the elements. Consider incorporating protective styles into your winter hair care routine. Braids, twists, buns, and even stylish hats can help shield your curls from the harsh weather, preventing breakage and reducing moisture loss.

Don't forget to use satin or silk-lined accessories, like scarves or hats, to further minimize friction and prevent your curls from getting too dry. It's all about keeping your curls protected during the winter chill. Our friends at KIN Apparel make great satin lined hats and beanies. You can also check out HelloUpdo for beautiful and colorful satin scrunchies. 

3. Gentle Cleansing Routine: While it's essential to keep your curls hydrated during winter, it's equally important not to strip away the natural oils that keep your hair healthy. Opt for a sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo to gently cleanse your curls without overdying them. Our Curl Care Shampoo was formulated as a gentle but moisturizing shampoo to help with hydration all year long.

If you find your scalp getting dry, you can also massage a lightweight oil, such as avocado oil or rosemary oil, onto your scalp to nourish and soothe.

Winter hair care is all about maintaining moisture, protecting your curls, and embracing a gentle cleansing routine. By incorporating these tips into your winter hair care regimen, you'll keep your curls happy, healthy, and looking gorgeous despite the colder weather. Stay cozy, hermanas.

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  • Posted by Eleanor Murphy on

    I ordered the sample kit and will be trying it for the first time. I do value these tips, and products.
    A Caribbean sister myself, a big shout out to you sisters.

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