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Curl Care Conditioner SAMPLE

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Customer Reviews

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Linette (FL)

The second I put this in my hair, it started to curl up. It is thick, so I used water to distribute. It doesn't say how long to leave it in so I used it as a mask for 20 mins with a cap. WOW. My hair loves this conditioner. It is moisturizing and as I mentioned, hair curled instantly even wet which is rare. No scent at all which I love and no negative side effects skin wise. This product legit has clean ingredients, and is well worth the coins. Buying again

Deb Bellman (OH)

The conditioner is great and that in combination with the curl cream and styling gel are a perfect combination. It gives me lasting curls that are soft and touchable.

Taleytha (VA)
Very moisturizing!

The conditioner is great, my curls and my son’s curls have been thirsty lately, and this conditioner has been very helpful!

The only wonky thing is the smell of the conditioner

Hola Taleytha,

We are happy to hear that it has been moisturizing and effective for both you and your son's curls! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the scent of the conditioner. We will take this feedback into consideration. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope it continues to meet your hair care needs.

The Ocoa Team


I love how soft and defined it makes my curls

Sophia R (MA)
I am in love

Ever since Covid began in 2020, my hair was falling out in clumps. Before Covid, my hair used to be full and thick. I have worked so hard to make it grow but 0 growth. The combination of taking Biotin religiously and using this conditioner, my hair is finally growing back. I haven’t felt the heaviness your hair gets when you are washing your hair in YEARS. Just this week, I finally felt that heaviness. I highly recommend this product. Shop small ✨

Hola Sophia,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. We are so happy to hear that our product has helped your hair, especially after such challenging times. We truly appreciate your support, and we are glad to be a part of your hair journey!

The Ocoa Team

Elisa Alvarez (CA)
Love These Products

I purchased all 4 items - shampoo, conditioner, styling creme, and styling gel. The conditioner and the gel are my favorite! They left my curls looking very defined and manageable. The product does not weight my hair down. And the smell of these items - yummy! My only suggestion to enhance the conditioner is to change the packaging. I used the pump provided and let the bottle sit upside down and it was too difficult to get the conditioner out of the bottle. The conditioner is too thick for the bottle packaging. I would recommend a tub packaging to scoop out the conditioner. This would make this line perfect!

Hola Elisa,

We are thrilled to hear that the conditioner and gel are your favorites and that they are working well for your curls. We appreciate your feedback about the packaging and will definitely take it into consideration for future improvements. Thank you for your recommendation and we hope you continue to enjoy our products!

The Ocoa Team